emo gym (group show)

curated by erin li
tai kwun contemporary, hong kong
programed installation set including 3 body of works - pleco, pump, wormhole

comprised of three recent works, the multimedia installation creates an atmosphere of idling. pleco offers a close-up observation of the fish sticking to the glass wall of tank and feeding on algae – a survival skill that exposes itself completely unguarded to the outside world, while on the opposite side, pump displays a constant supply of oxygen in the form of fragmented monitors. these two works evoke the frustration of all the attempts to replace face to face interactions with virtual solutions through monitors.
at certain moments, the silence is interrupted by a huge projection, wormhole, which is a visualisation of a “wormhole”, a speculative structure linking disparate points in spacetime, with industrial drills. will the ruthless drill break us free from physical confinement or lead us back to the loop?

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